Simply, research process is defined as a step-by step process of solving the research problem. It starts with problem identification. In this step, the researcher(s) identify several problems related to the focus of their research.

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Preparing for a Policy Research Study

The policy research process involves much more than designing and implementing a technically appropriate methodological plan or analyzing data. Some of the most important activities in the research process occur prior to designing the technical methodology or analysis. These activities focus on the preparation and conceptualization of the policy research study.

Preparatory activities consist primarily of gathering information on such issues as the current and past policymaking context of the selected social problem, the types of study recommendations that would be feasible given the existing sociopolitical environment and the resources needed to conduct a useful study on the social problem. It is also during these preparatory activities that the researcher gathers enough information to decide if … Click here to see full text

The Role of the Researcher in the Qualitative Research Process. A Potential Barrier to Archiving Qualitative Data