is an authorized and sworn translation office with (8) eight years in experience. Our translators are fully capable of handling all kinds of documents, including legal documents.

Once your translated document is complete, it can then be formally legalized for national and international use (some other countries apply different condition)

  • Our experience  includes:
    • Cooperation Agreements (Perjanjian Kerja Sama)
    • Birth / Marriage / Divorce / Death Certificates (Akta Lahir / Perkawinan / Perceraian / Kematian)
    • Certificate Translation
    • Financial Statement (Laporan Keuangan)
    • Visa, Immigration
    • Licenses
    • Tax (Perpajakan)
    • Medical Records (Surat Kesehatan)
    • Passports
    • Patents
    • Police Records
    • Naturalization Papers
    • Power of Attorney (Surat Kuasa)
    • Property Papers, Real Estate Deeds, Leases, and Contracts
    • Recommendation Letters
    • School Certificate Translation
    • Trade Marks Registration

8 years to Quality