Abstract: Contents development of environmental education in schools — A state of environmental education and contents’ development for East Asian students are discussed in this paper, focusing on comparison of environmental education of Korea that centers on an education for knowledge communication, not for values and behaviors of environment with Japan, and analysis of material contents and environmental ethics.

Abstrak: Pengembangan isi pendidikan lingkungan hidup di sekolah-sekolah. Pendidikan Lingkungan hidup di Korea menekankan pada penyebaran pengetahuan, bukan nilai dan perilaku seperti di Jepang, yang juga menekakan pada analisis isi pelajaran dan etika lingkungan hidup.

Source: Jung, Y. , 2009-10-05 “A Comparative Study on the Environmental Education of Korea and Japan” Paper presented at the annual meeting of the North American Association For Environmental Education, Oregon Convention Center, Portland, OR <Not Available>. 2011-06-06 from http://www.allacademic.com/meta/p319321_index.html