Erry Utomo, Phd

Head of Section of Curriculum and Textbook of Basic Education, Center of Curriculum and Textbook, Ministry of Education and Culture

 Harisman Simangunsong

Student of Postgraduate Program of State University of Jakarta

Dra. Lili Nurlaeli, MEd

Researcher at Center of Curricullum and Textbook, Ministry of Education and Culture



This research was intended to obtain information in relation to students’ opinion, knowledge of and attitude toward topics and values in Civic Education subject. This survey was conducted from February to May, 2009 involving 5,229 students Grade 8 of 142 participating schools distributed in 24 Districts/Municipalities of 20 Provinces in Indonesia. This survey focused on Pancasila values, state bodies, democracy and human rights. The two-stage cluster sampling with PPS (probability proportional by size) and WINW3S (Windows for Within School Sampling) procedures were used. The findings show that the students’ knowledge of governmental system, particularly state bodies’ authorities are poor, while students’ attitude toward human right, culture, norms, democratic values are statistically moderate.

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